There will always be a ‘here’ and there will always be a ‘there’. What’s interesting… is how they change. 

Wanderlust should be my middle name. Often finding myself dreaming of what could be in other cities, other countries, and any other place but here, I am changing my course.  I am dedicating myself to appreciating what is, instead of what if. Having travelled the world extensively (and no plans on stopping any time soon, or ever for that matter) I am on a mission to enjoy what is here. Right now. Wherever that ‘right now’ may be.

Instead of taking a step forward, I am standing still. This will get me further than any step I could possibly take. That means literally looking around me and appreciating what the world has to offer, right at my doorstep. This is a journey in what is local. Local foods, events, ideas, arts, people….the list goes on. These are the aspects that truly allow you to understand the world and all of its wonders. This project will also allow me to explore previous and current aspects of my local life in different countries and continents. Join me as I set off to explore!


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