Life should be celebrated. There is nothing better than discovering new ways of appreciating the art of living; an art we all strive to perfect. This can be found by taking a moment to stop and reflect with a cup of coffee. A reality that is true for me at least. Add a slice of cake and i’ve made it .

This simplicity encompasses a certain joie de vivre that cannot be achieved elsewhere. Taking a moment to appreciate the here and now is something the Swedish concept of “Fika” lives up to. The term is one of those words that doesn’t really have an English equivalent. It stands for taking a break, usually with coffee and something sweet. Both a verb and a noun, I could fika every day!

If you are interested, the ever so trusty Wikipedia can tell you more here.

In speaking with those residing in the city, I was told multiple times that they value the work life balance in Sweden. The emphasis on taking a break, and appreciating that down time, adds value to your day. Getting away from the “should do” and moving towards the “want to do” is something I have been focusing on in my life.Β IMG_2079 IMG_2078 IMG_6441 IMG_2076

Let’s move to Sweden.


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