here we go again

Well, shall we begin? This idea has been brewing for several months now and I am finally taking the reins and deciding to move forward with this project. I find myself at a unique point in my life. I am in that phase of transitioning that nobody likes but, i’m sure, everyone experiences. Yes, i’m talking about that seemingly empty period of doing nothing. What do I mean? Allow me to explain.

We live in a time where this concept of “nothingness” is not allowed. You don’t have a job? You are nobody. You don’t have a set plan fully laid out, guiding you towards retirement, a time when life will be the best life it can ever be…or so we are led to believe. But, why not live now? Why not appreciate what is around you? Such is the direction of this project that I am taking on. It is a personal project that I am developing for my own appreciation and hoping that you too can gain some inspiration.

I have spent the last 3 years living and travelling throughout the world. During this time, I spent 6 months studying in Europe, returned to Canada to complete my degree, and embarked on another adventure to South Korea for one year, followed by travels throughout South East Asia and then back home again. Needless to say, these adventures have allowed me to learn and grow as a person. Now I am back home waiting to begin another adventure in which I will be pursuing my Master’s degree. Sure, I don’t have friends living in this city anymore and life can be a little slower than I am used to, but it’s time to step outside and see what my world at home has to offer!

To get a better idea of this project, take a look at the about section here.


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